Elodie ABBÉ





Main Consultant










Training professional with almost 20 years experience in China, my consulting company created in 2007, is dedicated to help local Chinese companies or multinational groups located in China or out of China to OPTIMIZE THEIR INTERNAL TRAINING SYSTEM.

My working approach can be described as “Boutique” – project based, working side by side with clients’ teams, flexible, results driven, delivering “tailor-made” solutions for each client and according to specific needs. 

My “hands-on” experience combined with my corporate retail background serves a broad spectrum of clients from Chinese local companies to multinational Groups to much smaller companies specializing in distribution, cosmetics, retail mass market, consumer goods, luxury, hospitality, food. For more information, please check the page « my clients ».

Prior to starting my consulting company, I used to be the National Training and Development Director at Carrefour China, where I initiated and designed the whole Carrefour’s training system over a span of a decade, creating 
Carrefour’s first training center in Asia (Carrefour China Institute, C.CI.I). I managed a team of 30 full-time trainers from multi-cultural background, and coordinated more than 1,500 part-time store trainers that served more than 90 stores of over 30,000 employees and continues to be a model for the industry. In addition to setting up the entire training organization, I personally developed “Carrefour Mandarin” program (one year) which aimed at identifying, train and retain the future high potential Store Managers. This highly strategic program played an important role in the success and the development of Carrefour in China to managed to switch from 14 stores to 90 stores in a very short period of time. 

I am graduated from CEFAM with a Bachelor in Business Administration and International Trade.